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Method TIG MIG MAG (141, 135, 136)

Welding of machines used in heavy and metallurgical industry, stainless steel and aluminum constructions, supports, balustrades, gastronomic furniture, gymnastic equipment

Checking the quality of the components

Metal processing

Grinding and machining of black, stainless steel and aluminum.

Cutting with a plasma cutter, bending of sheet metal on manual and hydraulic ripper, cutting with band saws and hydraulic guillotines, drilling, rolling sheets on hand and hydraulic rolls, polishing.

Manual metal sheets bending, polishing


Montage using blueprints

Installation of insulation

Assembly, disassembly and repair; supports, balustrades, stairs, barriers, roof tiles, roof structures, platforms, tank cooling systems, production tapes etc

Preparing materials for safe transportation


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Balustrades, supports, protections, pipelines

Veyrat Masson - Ugine, France

Machines intended for the food industry

La Parmentiere - Ozoir la ferriere, France

Welding TIG stainless steel pipes

Sogaard Industrie Polen - Sweden - Falkenberg


Experience, education and courses

  • 2006 – 2009


    Ship Buldings and Secondary Schools
  • may 2014 – July 2014

    Fireguard / Cleaner, welder helper

    Dimakt - Odense, Denmark

    Preparing materials for welders, preparing safety routes, fireguarding, taking care of safety during welding work

  • Janury 2015

    Institute of welding Gliwice

    Obtaining the certificate welder - TIG 141 Gliwice

  • January 2015 – June 2015

    Welder 141/ Fitter

    Bludnicki Sp. z o.o. - Gdansk, Poland

    Furniture montage using technical drawings, protection of transport goods, controling the quality of the components, stainless steel machining, equipment maintenance

  • June 2015 – November 2015

    Welder / Roofer

    Blikkenslagern Tak Og Fasader -Oslo, Norway

    Welding construction beams, laying roof tiles, dismantling or repairing damaged steel roof parts, cleaning

  • January 2016 – June 2016

    Welder / Fitter

    Interplastic - Gdansk, Poland

    Gymnastic and gym equipment welding, welding black steel and aluminum constructions, welding and montage of a stainless steel furnitures, stainless steel machining, assembling components according to technical drawing

  • July 2016


    Dimakt, Wood Treatment Technology - Brande, Denmark

    Welding, installation of insulation, assembling components according to technical drawing, metal sheets bending, welding tubes to 2mm of thickness

  • October 2016


    La Parmentiere - Ozoir la ferriere, France

    Tig welding, 111, grinding, stainless steeel machining, assembling components according to technical drawing, as well as tubes to 2mm thickness welding with TIG (141) method for food industry

  • mai 2018 - september 2018

    Welder, fitter, locksmith

    Veyrat Masson Ugine, France

    Welding TIG 141 and Mig. Building and assembly of steel, stainless and aluminum constructions, balustrades, walls, supports, pipelines, covers and protections. Repair of damaged elements, reconstruction and modification of devices used in heavy industry.

  • October 2018

    Welder, fitter

    Sogaard Industri Polen, Denmark - Ejby

    Welding of stainless steel pipes for foodstuff up to 3mm thick by TIG 141 method. Construction and assembly of stainless steel frames, pipelines. Reconstruction and modification of systems used in the food industry.

  • November - December 2018

    Welder, fitter

    Sogaard Industri Polen - Sweden - Falkenberg / modernization of the production line

    Welding TIG 141, welding pipes up to 3mm thick. Building and assembly of structures, stainless steel, supports, pipelines, security. Repair of damaged elements, Modernization of the production lines

  • April 2019 - till now

    Welder, Fitter

    Bitburger Holding GmbH, Germany - Bitburg

    TIG welding, pipefitting, welding and assembly of supports, ramps and balustrades. Repair of damaged elements, Modernization of the production lines.

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Paweł Mikołajczak


I am a welder since 2015. I became inspired with welding while working on an oil platform in Denmark as welder helper/Fireguard. Since then I try to improve my skills as a welder, as well as gain valuable experience. I put 100% effort into my work and everything I do.

Welding is something i love to do. Besides i am a mountain biking enthusiast.

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